Customized Car Show Signs "Please Do Not Touch"
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Tired of the boring paper signs that they hand out at car shows? Wouldn't you rather have it say what you want rather than the boring "Do Not Touch"? Now you can fully customize what you would like on your sign. Put a picture of your car on the sign and even have your own slogan! 

Here are some funny suggestions we found on the Corvette Forum:


"Please don't touch my beautiful body; I'm not that kind of a car"

"Free Amputations! Touch this car to find out how"


These signs are 8X10 and are solid aluminum with a soft rubber backing to ensure that there will be no scratcing in your car! They make a great gift for any car lover!


Please send the images, colors, and slogan you would like to have on your sign to after you order. 


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Customized Car Show Signs "Please Do Not Touch"

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